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So Ashley and I have decided that the next LBD sequel thingy should just be a series of video’s detailing Lizzie and Darcy’s attempts at getting their children to bed - complete with stories and costume theater and songs and Lizzie being all happy and dancing along with them and Darcy sitting in the corner, face-palming (but secretly adoring every second of it) because as much as he loves his children, it’s 8 o’clock already, damn it, and he wants to snuggle with his wife and watch reruns of Law and Order whilst they drink tea and discuss their day. 

And then sometimes Charlotte, or Jane or Gigi would babysit - and sometimes Uncle Fitz would pop in and the kids would be all hyperactive, and Darcy would just give up because no one on earth can compete with the levels of energy that Lizzie & Fitz can create and yeah…we’ve been sending this back and forth to each other for a good half hour and it’s adorable. ADORABLE I TELL YOU


I love love love this theory… Just listen! What do you think?

Theory of PLL. c;


Theory of PLL. c;

First time posting a theory, but I went through it with a friend and she said it’s a plausible theory. I spent a while, and would appreciate any feedback (:

Spoilers for the books ahead. 

Okay, I do believe the show will go with the Twin Theory, but with a major twist. I think there’s triplets, Alison, Courtney.. and Vivian. 

-Again, going along the basis of the book’s story, Courtney was thought to be insane and was in a mental asylum, while perfect Alison was in Rosewood. Then there was the whole switch thing with Alison ending up in the asylum and Courtney pretending to be Alison. etc.

-With my theory, Vivian, the third triplet, was not insane, but a child prodigy/gifted, and attended a boarding academy for the gifted somewhere far away, such as New York, or even abroad, like Paris. She was visiting Rosewood and her parents during Labor Day weekend.

-Alison (who was still mistaken for Courtney) was also visiting, so all three of the triplets were reunited. Courtney and Ali had a huge rivalry, but Vivian was the one that got along with both of them, and they both genuinely loved her. Ali had planned to kill Courtney that night, but instead, mistakenly killed Vivian. Courtney witnessed the murder, then returned home pretending to be Vivian.

-Alison didn’t know she killed the wrong sister for a long time, and Courtney escaped back to Vivian’s academy, which was about to leave on a field trip to Europe. However, she was genuine friends with Hanna, Aria, Spencer and Emily, and still deeply cares for them and so she visits.

-Alison probably discovered she killed Vivian, her closer sister, later on, perhaps after about a year, and targets the main four PLLs as “A” because she thinks they know where Courtney is hiding. (In reality, they don’t.)

-All three of the triplets rotated roles: Courtney pretended to be Alison, and later, Vivian. Alison was mistaken for Courtney. And Vivian’s body  was mistaken for Alison’s. 

-In summary, Courtney visits the girls/helps the girls out from time to time, Alison is the head A, and Vivian’s body was found. 

Thoughts? c;

You’re a freakin’ genius. 

i think sometimes boys don’t realize how much little things mean to girls like if you tell us we’re beautiful just one time we’ll remember it and it means so much just to know that someone thinks that and appreciates us enough to say it.

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